jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2007

May, I take your order?

A: Good nights mister, Make i take your order?

B: mmm yes i want a pizza please..

A: Well we have many kinds of flavors and sizes. ¿which would you like?

B: mmmm i want the medium size and i want ham and cheese pizza please..

A: oK. What kind of soda would you like?

B: I´ll have a seven up please.

A: Would you like anything else?

B: Tell me.What kind of desserts do you have?

A: We have good chocolate cakes, ice cream and quesillos.

B: I would like a chocolate cake and ice cream please.

A: Ok.What flavor ice cream would you like?

B: Strawberry please..

A.Would you like anything else?

B: No thanks

A: ok mister..I´ll be here in a minute.


Denco-muscle is a new pharmaceutical product 100% Venezuelan created for all kinds of sports, because it helps to reduce muscle pain, esguinses and injuries. It is recommended by doctors at the national level for his quick action. Use it..

Merida City

The state of Merida Venezuela is in the Andean region, west of the country. Known as the Andean Cordillera locates the 10 highest peaks in the country, including the peak Bolivar that reaches 4,986 Msnm Its capital, the city of Merida, is a major tourist and national student center located in the center of the state between the Sierra Nevada and the Sierra La Culata at an altitude of 1,630 meters above sea level Also is a very beautiful city, is large and has many tourist sites.

An artist description

His name is Alejandro Fernandez Born 24 April. It is a great singer son of Mexican ranchero singer Vicente Fernandez has 38 years and is beautiful. He has a spectacular voice and a good body, his songs are romantic and beautiful. He is tall, has clear eyes, short brown hair and has Tanned skin.

A friend Description

Her name is Pamela has 15 years is also my younger sister and my best friend is studying 1st year of science. She is high, long hair black, white, brown eyes, thin and beautiful. He likes to write a lot, likes to draw and has good sense of humor and is very nice and I want it a lot.

My description

My name is Maria Paola Rodriguez, I am 17 years old and Industrial Relations study at the university Rafael Belloso Chacín (URBE). I am a tall person, white, long black hair, black eyes. I like to read, sleep and spend time with my friends, I like to eat pizza, and I do not like to play sports and be alone.

martes, 25 de septiembre de 2007